For sale
Miniature liquor bottles
Item 1
01 Cutty Sark Scotch whisky - seal unbroken, volume 90% intact
Item 2
 A Dutch windmill - not sure what the original contents was - has a spicy smell.
Item 3        
Product of Italy - Millifiori Cucchi - su ricetta delle Antiche Distillerie di  Cernusco Milano. Seal is unbroken, and volume is 90% intact.
Item 4
 Coffee House liquor - product of West Indies. Bottle still sealed, but gentle  shaking reveals some liquid, but difficult to ascertain.
Item 5
Violet - Creme de violettes Benoit Serres 46 Rue des Recollets. in the shape of  the Eiffel Tower, the liquor has evaporated to approximately one half of the  original volume.
Item 6
 Vandermint liquor - ceramic bottle with tulip top. seal broken, but residual  liquor still in bottle. Smells great!
Item 7
 Larsen and Co cognac.  Cognac Larsen, le cognac des vikings. Clear bottle in the  shape of a viking ship. Seal is unbroken, but contents are around 50% of original
Item 8
Dolf Curacao Grange - Bottle still sealed, but unable to detect liquid on gentle  shaking.
Item 9
Triple Sec orange liquor - 70 proof. Bottle empty.
Item 10
 Jacquin's Forbidden Fruit Liqueur - made by Jacquins of Phil. PA.  Seal intact,  and liquor appears at original volume.
Item 11
 Curacao Tripple Sec - Bordeaux. Seal is unbroken, but leaking.
Item 12
Cointreau Liquor - France. Seal is unbroken, but shrunken - unable to detect  liquid on gentle shaking.
Item 13
 MacLeod's Isle of sky Scotch Whisky. Seal is intact, volume 90% intact. This  miniature was not collected by my father - I gave this to him in the early 1980's  after a visit to Sky
Item 14
 Dolfi Peach Brandy - product of Strasbourg, France. Seal is unbroken. evidence  of liquid on gentle shaking.
Item 15
Bols - Creme de Bahamas - in a ceramic Dutch clog. Seal is broken and bottel is  empty. There is residual liquor in the bottom of the bottle.
Item 16
Dimple Scotch - John Haig and Co Ltd. Label is damaged, the original wire  netting surrounding the bottle has mostly corroded away, but the seal is largly  intact. Liquor appears 100% intact.
Item 17
Vecchia Romagn Buton Brandy (Italian). Liquor level - 80% - some loss from  leakage and evaporation.
Item 18
A motorbike made from old CUB beer stubby tear-off lids.
This offering is a collection of miniature bottles of liquor that were collected  in the 1950's and 1960's by my father, who flew aircrew with the RAAF to many  places around the world.

These bottles are still with their original seals mostly intact (except where  noted), but over time, some of the contents have diminished through evaporation, or  leakage.