Vestax MR44 4 track Multi track recorder (cassette tape based)
2 portable rack trolleys (to house the 19" rack stuff)
Guitar pedals: Korg Toneworks AX1500G effects pedal
Outboard: ART MDC 2001 signal dynamics processor 19" rack mounted - includes a compressor, de-esser, expander, noise gate, exciter, peak limiter/clipper
Signal Amplifier: DSE 5.1 30w surround sound amplifier
Signal Amplifier: DSE A2760 stereo power amplifier (used to drive headphones)
Outboard: ART LTX rack mounted reverb unit
Guitar, electric: Beatles Hofner copy bass
Guitar Amp - Fender Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212 - loaned to Jeremy
Guitar, acoustic: cheap Daion (Korean) acoustic guitar - gone to Roz
Signal Amplifier: Samsung Servo Amplifier model Servo-250,which delivers 120 watts RMS to each channel (into 4 ohms) used to drive studio monitors,
Monitors: pair of small 30W Realistic studio monitors,
Microphones:  (gone to Stew)
Shure BG 1.1 - 6 off,
V-Teck Dynamic VT-1030 - 1 off
Outboard: Award-Session Sessionmaster JD10 Guitar DI Box/Preamp
Behringer mini mixer
Public Address system: 2 off Overeem 100w powered speaker boxes (each box has 3 12" speakers + horn) with small 6 channel Behringer Mixer.

Sound Recording Studio Stuff...

All sold.
Roland Sound Canvas
Marshall 30watt guitar amplifier - to Joanne
Denon Turntable

Electric piano keyboard
Tin Toy - Panam Boeing Stratocruiser
Household Collectibles
Antique and Vintage Furniture
Furniture and Stuff now sold....
Shed Stuff

ART Microberb LTX Signal Processor
Old Brass Nebo Bed
A curiosity: an Island Guitar
Panasonic Digital Video Camera
Depression Glass
Tom's miniatures
Grandad's table
Queen Anne chairs
Guitar pedals: Boss SD-1 super overdrive,
Guitar pedals: Boss DS-1 distortion,
Guitar pedals: wah wah pedal,
Guitar, electric: Line 6 Variax 700 black, 

Roland Guitar Amp
Overeem PA - with Greg
Matheas Guitar